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Private Club Equity Comparisons in Sarasota

In an earlier blog in February, I detailed which clubs offer reciprocal priviledges to my home club, The Oaks. That same blog prompted a number of enquiries as to the differing costs of membership associated with some of these private local golf clubs. So here is a list of nine clubs with their full initiation fee and full dues as at December 31/2009. (Keep in mind that these clubs may have different food and beverage minimums, different service charges and different return amounts in equity….but this is a good guide…and  if I told you everything there would be no need to call me to get more information !!)

The Oaks…Initiation $65,400…yearly dues $7,225

Lakewood Ranch…Initiation $52,200…yearly dues $6,876

Longboat Key Club…Initiation $50,000…yearly dues $11,125

Laurel Oak…Initiation $6000…yearly dues $9,588

TPC Prestancia…Initiation $20,000…yearly dues $7,512

University Park…Initiation $5,000…yearly dues $6,240

The Founders Club…Initiation $47,500…yearly dues $9,860

The Concession…Initiation $150,000…yearly dues $9000

Plantation…Initiation $32,000…yearly dues $5,780

Is there a club not on the list that you are curious about ? Give me a call at 941-993-3160

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